Monday, November 2, 2009


It's Halloween! Of course, it

wouldn't be special without

my grandma.

Then there's Grandpa; he thinks

I am so special.

As for that creepy guy, he needs

to leave. BOO!

We look like we're related.

What do you think?

I am so glad my dad is holding me.

That monster gives me the creeps!

It's about time to trick-or-treat.

The best part of Halloween is

strolling with Mom and Dad.

Normally there would be three dogs

out with us tonight, but our little Bogey went

to Dog Heaven last week. We miss you!

Even if Bogey can't be with us,
I am still having a good time.

My dad is so special!

He loves spending time with me.

And he teaches me how to do raspberries
with my tongue.
As you can tell, I am doing quite well.

Mom, thank you for taking all these wonderful

pictures of my special day!!

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