Monday, November 30, 2009


Since my grandpa and grandma decided
to spend Thanksgiving at Callaway Gardens,
I did not get to see them on Thanksgiving.
SO, Mom and Dad took me to spend
Thanksgiving Sunday with them.

As you can see, I am "driving" Grandpa
and Grandma crazy good
with my visit!

Grandpa never stops working out.
What does my future hold with this
exercise guru?

Had you seen me earlier with Grandma you
would have thought I was being kidnapped.
I am still not sure about her.

Hey, I want everybody to watch
what I can do. . .Yep, Yep, Yep. . .
I am learning to. . .

Oh, Oh, Oh, this is tough, BUT I think
I can. . .well, with just a little help
from dad. . .

Yeah, I did it. I can turn over; however,
I have to admit I not exactly sure
of what am doing.

All I know is that my Dad just goes
absolutely crazy with praise.

Now that I am able to kick back and relax
with one of my favorite pass time
activities. . .sucking my pacifier,
I can watch Mom and Dad decorate
Grandpa and Grandma's Christmas
tree. Once again Grandma has
managed to get out of decorating the
Christmas tree.

Thank you Mom and Dad for taking the
time to decorate the Christmas tree.
It looks beautiful!

Boy am I lucky to have such a great
grandpa. He always take good
care of me, especially when I am tired.

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